For God’s Sake

Honest to God

One of the slogans
of the Middle Ages
was “Honest to God.”
We have ceased to be
“Honest to God.”
We think more
about ourselves
than we do
about God.
We have ceased to be
and have become

Father Denifle

Father Denifle
was an Austrian Dominican.
In 1872,
he delivered four sermons
in Graz, Austria,
about “Humanity,
its destiny
and the means
to achieve it.”
Translated by a priest
of Covington, Kentucky,
these four sermons
were published in America
by Pustet, the editor.
Father Denifle emphasizes
that having forgotten God,
cannot realize
its own destiny.
God has not
forgotten man,
but man has
forgotten God.

American Founders

The founders of America
came to America
to serve God
the way they thought
God wants to be served.
How God
wants to be served
is no longer taught
in American schools.
How to be successful
is still taught
in American schools.
Thinking of time
in terms of money
is at the base
of the thinking
of our business men.
We put on our coins:
“In God we trust,”
but persist in thinking
that everybody else
ought to pay cash.

Cardinal Gasquet

Cardinal Gasquet
was an English Benedictine.
He was a student
of that period
of English history
that preceded
the Reformation.
In a book entitled:
The Eve of the Reformation
he points out
that externalism
–another word
for materialism–
prevailed in that period
of English history.
The externalism
of English Bishops
made them
follow the King
instead of the Pope
when the King ceased
to mind the Pope.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine said,
“Love God
and do what you please.”
We do what we please
but we don’t love God.
We don’t love God
because we don’t know God.
We don’t know God
because we don’t try
to know God.
And man was created
in the image of God
and every creature
speaks to us
about God
and the Son of God
came to earth
to tell us
about God.