Let’s Keep the Jews for Christ’s Sake

A Mystery

The Jews
are a mystery
to themselves.
They are not a nation,
although the Zionists
try to build up one
in Palestine.
They are not a race.
for they have intermarried
with many other races.
They are not a religion,
since their belief
calls for one Temple
and the Jewish Temple
has not been in existence
for nearly 2,000 years.

In Spain

St. Vincent Ferrer,
a Spanish Dominican,
succeeded in converting
25,000 Jews.
When the Spaniards decided
to drive the Moors out
they also decided
to drive the Jews out.
St. Vincent Ferrer
tried to convert the Jews;
he did not start a crusade
to drive them out.
Driven out of Spain,
the Jews found a refuge
in Salonika,
which was then
under the Turkish flag.
Spanish is still spoken
by Jewish workmen
in Salonika.

In the Papal States

The Popes never did
start a crusade
to drive the Jews
out of the Papal States.
Jews have lived in Rome
and the adjoining territory
since the Roman Empire.
The Roman Empire
protected the Jews
living under its rule,
and so did the Popes
in the Papal States.
The Jews themselves
admit the fairness
with which they were treated
in the Papal States.

In the Shadow of the Cross

While the Spaniards
refused to keep the Jews
the Popes consented
to keep the Jews.
The Jews
were the chosen people
and they are still,
for God does not change.
Because the Jews
did not recognize Christ
is not a good reason
for acting towards them
in a non-Christian manner.
The presence of the Jews
all over the world
is a reminder to the world
of the coming of Christ.
The Jews who refused
to accept the Cross
find their best protection
in the shadow
of the Cross.

In Germany

Under the shadow of the Cross
the Jews were protected;
under the Swastika
they are persecuted.
The Cross
stands for one thing,
the Swastika
for another thing.
The Cross stands
for race equality;
the Swastika stands
for race superiority.
The Catholic Church
stands for human brotherhood,
the Nazi regime
stands for the expansion
of one race
at the expense
of the other races.

In America

The English Puritans
found a refuge
in America.
The French Huguenots
found a refuge
in America.
The Irish Catholics
found a refuge
in America.
The German Liberals
found a refuge
in America.
is big enough
to find a refuge
for persecuted Jews
as well as
persecuted Christians.

In Palestine

America can produce
more than it can consume.
What America needs
is more consumers.
More Jews in America
means more consumers
for America.
It is said that the Jews
flock to the cities
and become middle men,
and that there are
too many middle men
in America.
But in Palestine
the Jews are building
both cities and country.
What the Jews are doing
in Palestine
they can do also
in America.