The Canon Law and the Law of the Cannon

St. Thomas More

St. Thomas More believed
in the Common Law.
The Common Law
that St. Thomas More
believed in
was rooted
in Canon Law.
Henry VIII believed
that since he was king
he was the Law.
St. Thomas More
did not believe
in Henry VIII’s
of Common Law.
The Common Law
as it exists
in today’s England
has little relation
to Canon Law.

Judge Cardozo

Judge Cardozo said
that Common Law
as it exists today
in the United States
does not make sense.
Judge Cardozo proposed
to discard Common Law
and go back
to Roman Law.
If modem Common Law
is bad,
modern Roman Law
is worse.
“To grab and to hold”
is the aim
of Roman Law.
“Divide to rule”
is the motto
of the Roman Law-minded Lawyers.

Arthur Penty

In a book entitled:
A Guildsman’s
Interpretation of History
Arthur Penty
has a chapter
on the revival
of Roman Law.
The revival
of Roman Law
in the 13th century
brought about the disputes
between Kings and Popes.
The Kings
are on the go.
The Pope
is still on the job.
He writes encyclicals,
but business men
and politicians
pay little attention
to what he has to say.
In the meantime,
we are worrying
about what Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini
will do to us.