True Stories

When I was in Spokane
a Catholic Sister
told me:
“I have a little story
to tell you
and I think
you will like it.
I met an Indian woman
who was carrying
what looked like
a white boy.
I said to her:
‘You don’t mean to tell me
that you married
a white man.’
‘Oh no,’ she said,
‘Just a Frenchman’.”

An Englishman
and an American
were flying over
the Egyptian Soudan.
Under them
was a stretch of houses
four miles long.
The American
asked the Englishman:
“What is the population
of this town?”
“Nine Englishmen,”
answered the Englishman.

A German
owned a fruit farm
in British Columbia.
He and his wife
were considered
as second-class citizens
by the British element.
His wife succeeded
in inducing him
to sell the fruit farm
and go back to Germany.
She could not stand
to be considered inferior
by the British element.
The English think
that they are superior
to the Germans
and the Germans think
they are superior
to the English.
They cannot stand
to be considered
They can give it
but cannot take it.